Saturday, July 9, 2011

WebLogic Server Work Manager Demo Recording and Slides

This blog was originally posted on when I worked for Oracle.

I have previously blogged about WebLogic Server Work Managers and this simple demo before. Now there is a corresponding set of slides and a recording on the channel to accompany it. The slides also contain some additional detail not covered in the original example around stuck threads.
I was asked about this feature recently when someone needed to know how you could limit the number of requests serviced by WebLogic Server to match and not exceed the number of datasource connections configured. It's very straight-forward to make this happen with a work manager. The video is much more clear if you use the menu in the bottom right to render it in 720p. Unfortunately, the current blog template does not allow a width compatible with this video in youtube HD so it might be easier to use the link if it's not rendering well for you.


RK said...


I tried to create a Work Manager (using DD) for EJBs in weblogic-ejb-jar.xml using dispatch policy. I see the WorkManager listed under workload section of application, but when I create requests which use the EJBs, I don't find any requests being serviced by the specific work manager. Neither in the default nor in the WorkManager I created. In the work manager, I had specified a Min Thread Constraint of 10.Am I missing something here ?

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