Friday, May 20, 2011

Exalogic Disaster Recovery White Paper Published

This blog was originally posted on when I worked for Oracle.

tornadoMy colleague Bharath Reddy,  a Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) guru, just published a new white paper Disaster Recovery for Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud on the Fusion Middleware MAA site.  I believe customers want simpler middleware and database DR procedures.  Exalogic and Exadata provide a comprehensive solution from applications to disk, not just part of a solution.

The whitepaper walks through the topology, configuration and an example procedure that has been validated by Oracle.  In many enterprises DR is a time-consuming, expensive, thankless task that only gets a lot of attention when something goes wrong.  Providing a thoroughly documented, validated, and tested procedure helps reduce the risk and complexity for DR.  Another big advantage of this solution - it is a well-known configuration of hardware and software components and versions that work together because they were engineered and tested together at the factory.  That is far more comforting than assembling components from many different vendors that may have never been tested in certain combinations and permutations.  This whitepaper is a great resource, be sure to check it out.

Exalogic Disaster Recovery