Saturday, July 23, 2011

wlstonweb - An Innovative Tool for WebLogic Scripting

This blog was originally posted on when I worked for Oracle.

Antonio De Juan from Oracle Support introduced me to a very innovative web application he built and put on called wlstonweb.  This cool web application has 2 primary features.
1) Interactive WLST Sessions via a web browser
2) WLST Script Management via a web browser
The interactive WLST session via a web interface is surprisingly almost equivalent to using WLST from a shell because it leverages AJAX and
Prototype.  The obvious benefit is, you can do everything that WLST exposes all from a web interface, which means that if you're on a mobile device, using someone else's computer, traveling, etc you have a lot of Administrative and Operation capabilities available even though you may not have a terminal handy.

The WLST Script management features allows you to organize your WLST scripts on the file system in a catalog as well as create, edit, and run the scripts directly from the web interface.  This is a great way to share WLST scripts that are used often among different parts of an organization and build up a catalog of scripts.

I created a brief recording showcasing wlstonweb. I encourage you to watch it in 720p so the recording isn't blurry.  Check it out and contact Antonio via the samplecode site if you have comments or suggestions.  The sampelcode UI can be difficult to navigate for new users, so go to the wlstonweb project home page -> File Releases -> war file -> prototype -> wlstonweb.war to download it . Nice work Antonio!


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