Wednesday, August 1, 2007

who killed the electric car

emily and i watched who killed the electric car last night.  i really enjoyed it.  i had some depressed thoughts that crossed my mind in terms of lost opportunity for the american auto-makers and the powerful industries and government forces that suppressed this technology for their self-interest.  my friend kelly had commented in my post on health care about how we should all look in the mirror and realize that we're all part of the problem with respect to health care.  he made the point that many of us have retirement investments that indirectly invest in these powerful industries and expect a nice return on our investment.  in a sense, many americans are greedy stock-holders in many of the companies they do not directly support.  in this case, it is big-oil instead of health-care, but the point is similar.  i see his point but still disagree with the crux of the matter.  while i might benefit to some small degree by the success of pharmaceutical companies or big-oil, my realized benefit is many orders of magnitude smaller than the corporate executives and politicians that are taking huge cuts of the profits.  it seems like a terrible pyramid scheme in which politicians and companies are mucking with the free market and demand by leveraging regulations that are not in the interest of consumers, but are in their interest.  consumers still need to take accountability for not forcing the issue enough and with all of the easy access to knowledge that the internet provides, i hope these kinds of situations are harder to repeat themselves in the future.  the problem is that corporate and government interests are strong forces that might be up for meeting this new challenge as well.  let's be honest here, if gm had marketed the ev1 the way the tesla guys are marketing theirs, we'd all have electric cars.

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