Tuesday, July 31, 2007

think: another electric car

i just read this cnn money article about a new electric car concept.  it's actually not all that new, since ford experimented with it for several years.  however, the concept has been retooled to take advantage of new developments in both energy technology and consumer web concepts.  they're getting some advice from the google founders, so that can't hurt.  i really like the idea of a smart car, prius, or electric car as a commuter car.   it makes perfect sense for a family to have 1 of these vehicles for commuting to a local job and to have a more typical larger vehicle for hauling the whole family as well as all the stuff we buy.  the key thing to get adoption in the u.s. will be safety and speed.  if americans can't drive 75 mph on the interstate and feel safe, then they probably won't adopt this.  but it would still serve a very large niche of urban commuters that don't have much interstate travel.


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