Thursday, September 6, 2007

vanity fair looks back on the coverage of gore in 2000

my wife subscribes to vanity fair and i've enjoyed many of the articles recently.  when i read this article online about the way the media covered al gore's 2000 campaign, i have to say it really stings.  i have to admit into falling into the media trap, at one point chanting "internet" as a joke as gore's float moved by during the st. patties day parade in chicago.  i was informed and knew that he had been misquoted, but somehow allowed myself to participate in the caricature anyway.  it's absolutely amazing how on-point gore has been about so many issues over his career.  take for example his sponsorship of the bill's that paved the way for government funding of the internet, his environmental advocacy, or his opposition to the war giving his important and unpopular at the time speech against the war in 2002 before the invasion.  i have no idea what the state of american government would be in if gore were president, but it's fun and sad to imagine. who else imagines what if?  i know david soutor does.
looking forward to 2008, it's interesting to check out how the candidates really stack up to your positions on politics.  obama is my guy and i swear i didn't stack the outcome!  check out to see where you stand yourself.