Sunday, June 3, 2007


i'm going to give Blogger a go and see if i can't get in the habit of blogging regularly. i'll probably use this blog to post on politics, pop-culture, sports, books, movies, etc. most of this is probably for selfish reasons to catalog some of my thoughts on things and look back on them later, but there may be some folks interested in some of the drivel i put up here.

i watched the democratic debate tonight on cnn. i thought barack and edwards did pretty well. clinton did alright also, but i feel like some of her answers (not all) were more rehearsed than the others (because they are). biden sure got animated a few times! cnn keeps patting themselves on the back for the format, but i thought it was awkward when they went to the crowd. it took them awhile to get their feet under them. also, cnn sure had a rough a/v night. the mics were always not balanced right or the wrong mic would catch stuff happening off screen.

lebron james's performance against detroit in games 5 and 6 were incredible, simply put. can't believe he's still in his lower 20's and so dominant.

the cubs are really in a trough with the fight and lou getting ejected and suspended. nowhere to go but up and they still aren't in that bad of shape in the standings. i just can't imagine it getting much worse than this.

emily and i are going to vegas next weekend, so it should be fun to get in a little poker while the series is going on.

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