Thursday, December 6, 2007

driving green

well emily and i took the plunge into the green world with a 2008 toyota prius.  our 1998 chevy malibu need some significant repair work, and we didn't necessarily want to throw too much money at it.  i didn't really want to buy a new car at first, but after looking around at the used market for awhile i got a little disenchanted with that option.  i really like the car and the features.  it drives great, obviously gets great mileage, has good visibility, and it comes with some pretty neat features like:
  • smart key - you don't have to insert a key into the door or the car to start it, just being nearby is good enough
  • backup camera - when you put the car in reverse, you can see what is behind you via a camera on the back of the car
  • great driver controls on the steering wheel for radio, climate control, etc
  • good storage for a small car
we also took a look at some of the other hybrids out there like the civic, camry, altima, etc, but the prius was the most efficient, affordable, proven, and fun out of all the options.  this is my first new car, so i'm enjoying that.  i hope more people jump on the hybrid band-wagon.  there's really not a good reason not to for most people in my opinion.


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